Growth Fund

GrowthInvestrust Growth fund is an open ended fund strives to provide investors medium to long term capital growth by investing in a well-diversified portfolio of equity securities listed on the CSE. Suitable for investors who seek capital appreciation over the long-term; and/or can accept that investment returns may fluctuate significantly over the short-term.

Fund Investrust Growth Fund
Type Open ended Balanced Fund
Investment Objective Aiming to achieve capital growth by investing mainly in a well-diversified portfolio of equity securities listed on the CSE and high quality fixed income securities.
Investment Strategy The fund will be invested in a well-diversified portfolio of listed shares of stable companies with high market capitalization on the CSE with long term growth potential.
Asset Allocation Equity to a maximum of 95% of the total portfolio

Corporate Debt Securities to a maximum of 60% of the total portfolio
Government Securities including reverse repurchase agreements and cash with maturities less than 91 days to a minimum of 5% of the total portfolio

Trustee & Custodian Deutsche Bank AG, Colombo Branch
Minimum Investment Initial minimum investment is Rs. 5,000/- and multiples of Rs. 1,000/-
Investment Price Manager’s Selling Price on the dealing day
Income Distribution Dividend declaration will be at the discretion of the Manager
Currency denomination Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR)
Inception Date September 4, 2012
Fee Structure Front End Fee: 5%

Management Fee: 1.15%p.a.

Exit fee: 2% (applicable only for redemption within first year)

Trustee Fee: 0.2% p.a.

Custodian Fee: LKR 20,000/- per month for the total fund

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